Design of audiovisual
& interactive contents

Web documentaries, interactive storytelling, experimentations

Interactive Design
  • 14-18 à travers les arts

    14-18 à travers les arts

    Interactive piece, Interactive Design

    Interactive design and art direction of an original web documentary in collaboration with Thalweg Production. The history of the Great War through artistic representations which it was subjected, from 1914 to today.

  • GETTY / Blind Date

    GETTY / Blind Date

    Interactive piece, Audiovisual

    To celebrate its partnership with the BBC, Getty Images has given "carte blanche" to Cellules in order to create an unprecedent cinematic experience.

  • La Machine à expulser

    La Machine à expulser

    Audiovisual, Interactive Design

    A web documentary at the heart of the French deportation proceedings for illegal immigrantss

  • Digup


    Cellules' productions Website, Audiovisual

    Digup is an independent editorial project. An online video documentary review about digital design.

  • Listening to Paris

    Listening to Paris

    Website, Interactive Design

    A site designed as a listening interface. Striking through minimalist graphics, simple but powerful interactivity to immerse visitors in the atmospheric sounds of the city.

  • We love robots

    We love robots

    Cellules' productions Audiovisual, Interactive Design

    An ambitious documentary about robotics.

  • The stranger in the place 10

    The stranger in the place 10

    Audiovisual, Interactive Design

    "The stranger in the place 10" is a web documentary project.

  • Surveillance


    Cellules' productions Audiovisual, Interactive Design

    Surveillance is an interactive story about... spying on people.

  • Lives2play


    Video game, Interactive Design

    Online video game.