Two beautiful apps to highlight two major exhibitions of the Centre Pompidou

Linchtenstein and Hantaï's applications

Two smart apps to go beyond the exhibition

Created for the occasion of two major Centre Pompidou exhibitions, Simon Hantai and Roy Lichtenstein, these two applications (iOS and Android) allow the public to go further.

They offer a different approach to the content of the exhibition catalog. The look and feel, is minimal and elegant. The content is editorialized . The user can choose to discover the works following thematic or chronological journey that trace the artist's creation steps.

Everyone's experience is personalized. It offers features such as sharing selected works on social networks, favorite search settings or search engine.

Type Website

Support Tablet (iOS and Android)

Client Centre Pompidou

Missions Interactive conception, Artistic direction

Pompidou Lichtenstein - IpadPompidou Lichtenstein - Ipad
Pompidou Hantai - IpadPompidou Hantai - Ipad
Pompidou Hantai - IpadPompidou Hantai - Ipad